5 Reasons Painting Over Kitchen Cabinets Shouldn’t Be A DIY Project!

Painting Over Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re currently considering renovating your kitchen, there’s probably no need to purchase any new cabinetry. Painting your kitchen cabinets is a popular budget-friendly alternative. To start off, you have to decide if you want the painting over kitchen cabinets job to be done by professionals or to do it yourself.

Painting over kitchen cabinets demands skills, experience, time, and plenty of patience. If you are short on any of these attributes, give professional painters a call. They have the expertise and knowledge necessary to update your kitchen cabinets with a new paint coat, and make them look just like new!

Why Is Hiring A Professional Service The Best Option?

Like most people, you probably are looking to save as much money as you can. That’s why you have been looking at the kitchen painting job as a potential DIY project, but will the end result be worth it? Don’t forget – professional painters are skillful and experienced and know how important it is to prep and choose the right products that produce optimal results. They are able to offer a quality finish in a short period of time. 

Here’s why you need to leave the painting job to somebody who knows precisely what they are doing:

1. No Place for Errors

If you’ve never dealt with painting over kitchen cabinets, you may get shocked by the very narrow margin of error. One small mistake can mess up the entire painting project. Using the wrong products or tools, ignoring the proper prep, picking the wrong color, or falsely applying the paint in the wrong way can all end up with you having a major headache.

Skilled painters can deliver quality painting results. They pay close attention to the small details. Their vast experience and application skills bring about clean lines that result in a flawless paint finish.

Painting experts will make sure the paint that’s used is appropriate and durable for the cabinets’ material. They possess the proper equipment and tools to handle various layouts, different room sizes, and complex designs.

2. Detail Preparation

An essential step in painting kitchen cabinets is the associated prep process. When done wrong, the end result could look bad. Old kitchen cabinets are covered with smoke residue, grease, and numerous other sticky substances. They have to be properly cleaned before any paint is applied.

3. Time & Convenience

Professional painters work fast and efficiently. It may take you a minimum of a week to finish painting over kitchen cabinets, whereas an experienced painting expert can get it done within 2 to 3 days. Sit down and let the professionals handle it.

4. Color Consultation

It seems as if there are endless different color choices these days. Professional painters know and understand colors and generally have a consultant who guides clients in choosing the proper paint color to complement the decor.

5. Warranties

When one hires reliable and reputable pros, you receive a warranty for the work they get done. If anything goes bad within that warranty period, it could get fixed without any incurring costs.

Questions to Ask Professionals before Painting Over Kitchen Cabinets

Whenever you’re finally ready to give a professional a call and get them painting over kitchen cabinets for you, you may want to ask several questions.

  • Are kitchen cabinets your specialty? Painting cabinets demands skills and experience for them to look flawless.
  • What does your painting process look like? This will reveal if the painter actually knows what he’s doing.
  • Can I check out a few samples of your previous work? A competent painter won’t shy away from presenting past work.
  • Are you insured? It is crucial that you are not liable for injuries or damages should they occur.
  • Do you offer any warranties? You need to get some assurances in the form of a warranty.

Painting Over Kitchen Cabinets The Right Way

Trust that Florida Reglazing has what is needed to revive your kitchen by painting over kitchen cabinets. Contact today for a free-of-charge estimate on your painting requirements.

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